Baby Held By A Pensive Mother
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  • A wonderful picture of the Madonna holding her sleeping baby. The soft blues and yellows of the colours give a sense of calmness as the mother looks so pensive about the future. This Royal Paris design called Illumination from the 142 series is stamped on 10 ct brown double strung penelope canvas. A colour legend of 21 colours is on the right side and on the back is a printed paper legend for either Anchor or DMC products.

    Design area is 15"(38cm) wide by 19"(48.5cm) high.  Overall dimensions are 17 1/2"(45cm) wide by 23 1/2"(60cm)high.

  • Price: $89.98 CND (MSRP: $124.98)
  • Weight: 0.085 kilograms