About Us

Golden Threads started back in November 1992 when the business was incorporated and we attended various types of tradeshows. In March 1998, we rented a long narrow store which was divided into 2 rooms. It was a fun place with lots of laughter. Another benefit was that my daughter Christina was off to university – it was great having the house to myself. The store moved again in 2000 when we relocated to a squarer place (space-wise) which had front and back entrances. The back entrance was very interesting with the dripping eve troughs during the rain or the gigantic icicles in the winter. However, the tin ceiling was original.

In the 11 years since the retail store opened, the industry has shifted to more online shopping and less the touchy-feely of fibres and materials in a brick-and-mortar location. Rather than close the business completely after our rental space had been sold, I crammed the inventory of the store into the basement of my home. I currently do mail order and personal shopping by appointment. With all of these changes, I do have a lack of stories for our prior newsletter, Flying Threads. However I am becoming more of a techie since I can no longer wait for Chris’s input. As I am years behind, perhaps I should look at tweeting or doing a blog...